Written by.Charles Sweet

The writer Napoleon Hill once said, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” We trust this to be true because of the many examples of men and women coming from less-than-favorable situations that have faced and conquered mitigating circumstances; David Schrier, professionally known as Broken Quote, knows much about triumphing over hardship and his story parallels those told of days past. 


Hailing out of Houston, Texas, the multi-instrumentalist and producer has had a penchant for creating music ever since a child where he would write song lyrics in his head and connect them to the contours and textures his active mind would present--well before ever learning any theory,scales or even touching a key.Of this extremely influential time he says, “ Music opened up a part of me I didn’t even know was there.It taught me lessons,comforted me,scared me, challenged me and brought focus to my life,helping me grow as a person.Writing music is how I process my experience."A foreshadowing to the music he crafts today perhaps was how he approached manifesting the sights, sounds and even colors (he admits to synesthesia, or seeing sounds in his mind ) by picking up instrument after instrument learning to play them without formal training because, as Broken Quote himself puts it, “I couldn’t find people that wanted to play the types of music I was into at the time,so I ended up teaching my self different instruments out of curiosity and the need to fill out the sound.".  

Learning to play a musical instrument with nothing more in the way of tutelage than one’s ear as a guide is worthy of note by its own right but Broken Quote had yet another obstacle in his path to overcome, and one he continues to overcome to this day: chronic pain that would’ve quelled lesser musical aspirations long ago; however Broken Quote would not let this stand in his way either. He remarks on the sensitive subject,“ I've had to struggle much more than I imagined in my artistic ambitions when I started dealing with chronic pain issues that threatened the very thing that helped me deal with emotional pain.” Given the tremendous uphill battle before him, he was still able to teach himself a plethora of instruments that ranges from pianos and guitars to synthesizers, samplers and even the steel drum. 

Citing a musical inspiration list that includes Eyedea, Bjork, Beck, Radiohead,John Cage and Parliament Funkadelic among many others,that varied outlook bleeds into his music, an amalgam of styles and genres that is constantly evolving, changing and growing; he is a literal one man band who improvises aspects of his live sets making a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed. While labeling Broken Quotes’ sound is nearly impossible,there’s a strong link between elements found in Electro Rock, Trip Hop, Acid Jazz and Ambient Funk and Broken Quote’s sound comes across infinitely better via his own description:  “ It sounds like colors ricocheting off a smell.” Broken Quote continually finds himself gravitating towards the finer points of the human condition: he channels and strengthens his musicality through meditation and is an avid student of psychology, philosophy,enjoys odd ball comedy and is a vegetarian — His beliefs on commingling musical styles may have been informed by his heritage of growing up bi-racial within a mixed religious background.This is important because early in his life, he became fascinated by introspection and self-discovery,seeking to find what was true in his experience. 

Broken Quote's accomplishments include playing the main stage at the Free Press Summer Fest, Houston’s largest music festival and one closely associated with Coachella amongst other high profile dates.His aspirations are to take music into new and experimental waters and more so than anything to affect listeners in the same profound way that he is affected by juxtaposed lyric and beat.While many of his fans are drawn in by his uncommon approach to the steel drums and eclectic mix of styles and instruments,some will notice a another layer of what Broken Quote is about within his words.When asked about the powerful nature of lyrics he said, “Words were my first instrument and even though they are limited, when placed at certain angles I feel I can convey something more nuanced than I can in daily conversation.” 

Broken Quote has overcome much and is destined to overcome even more; if the fans’ responses to his music is any indication,he may soon represent a fundamental shift back to the times when music wasn’t mostly used as a way to sell ancillary items and was in and of itself a fusion of feeling,art and sound without pretense or grandstanding. 


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